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Locksmith Vienna

Accordingly we keep to attractive prices and transparent bills:

simple door opening from 75€ *

  • the door is simply shut, but neither locked nor barred
  • even if the key is inserted from the inside or snapped off inside the lock
  • this category applies to 90% of our assignments
  • 99,9% of the door openings are carried out damage free

* more information on locksmith costs and pricing!




  • surchage für evening hours            25 € fixed price (6 - 8 pm)
  • surcharge for night time                   35 € fixed price (8 - 12 pm)
  • surcharge for middle night time   55 € fixed price (00 - 8 am)
  • weekends and holidays                    35 € fixed price 

Locksmith Vienna

Looking for professional lockout services and key services in Vienna? In that case, Schlüsselmax is the Locksmith Vienna you can actually trust in. For Schlüsselmax has nothing to hide away from clients. Indeed, this Viennese lockout service and key service sticks to complete transparency and reasonable fixed prices. As a matter of fact. Since Schlüsselmax is your trustworthy locksmith of honest principles and professional habits. In our capacity as respectable locksmith Vienna, we give you our word of honor when it comes to pricing matters. While many fellow competitors attract clients through dubious loss-leader prices, Schlüsselmax offers transparent and reasonable fixed prices. 

Lockout service and key service in Vienna


That being the case, our clients never pay more than they have agreed on. Which isn't the case with dubious loss-leader prices that often trap clients into massive additional charges. But in the case of Schlüsselmax, you don't need to fear neither access transport costs nor any form of nitpicking when it comes to billing.


For we believe that there is no better marketing tool available than continued word-of-mouth advertising by happy customers. In consequence your trustworthy locksmith Vienna is always striving to offer you the best possible lockout services and key services in Vienna. At the best possible price! 


Locked yourself out? Lost your key?


In case the door just slam shut into your face, your key snapped off, or it remained inserted from the other side? Is your door lock sticking or have you lost your key? In that case Schlüsselmax, your reliable and low-priced locksmith Vienna, is of guaranteed help and assistance.


That being the case, our lockout service Vienna is at your disposal all over the city. Indeed, your locksmith Vienna will come to your rescue in every district of Vienna. Regardless whether you have locked yourself out, whether the door has smash shut itself, or whether your lock can't be opened for any other reason. 


With regards to these situations or any other problem concerning your door lock or key, your locksmith Vienna is there for you. Forasmuch as we are your reliable and low-priced locksmith Vienna and partner for lockout services and key services all over Vienna.

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Schlüsselmax is a certified member of interkey - the professional association of European locksmiths and security businesses.

Lockout service all over Vienna


Schlüsselmax is your reasonably priced lockout service and locksmith Vienna

Indeed, with Schlüsselmax you will benefit from best services in the locksmith field. Not only this, but can we offer you, within the realms of possibility, all kinds of security-related services. In the event that you should find yourself facing problems with locks, bar locks, additional locks, closing mechanisms, security doors, letter boxes, door fittings or locking systems?


Then you can call us at any time or hour of the day. Besides we are reachable all the time and throughout the year. Furthermore you can be assured that our services do not include any kind of rip-off. For the simple reason that we only offer services at reasonable prices. Indeed you can rely on our favorable prices when you are in need of a locksmith Vienna.


Not only can our lockout service Vienna help you quickly and reliably in case of an emergency. But even so do we offer consultancy on topics such as burglary-protection and upgrades of door security. Consequently we take assignments of all scales. This is due to the fact, that Schlüsselmax is a service-oriented locksmith Vienna who would always provide the most suitable and professional solution for any security-related problem.

Hence in case you are interested in our lockout services Vienna, please do not hesitate to contact us for non-binding information. For our policy is focused on our customers' needs and wishes.


In Short:

"Schlüsselmax ist your lockout service and locksmith in Vienna."

Because we are always at your disposition

Key-emergency service
We are your local lockout and key service in Vienna.

Key snapped off?


Even a snapped off key doesn't represent an issue to us. Indeed the snapped off key can partly remain stuck inside the lock. For this reason the door can't be used at all, not even by means of a replacement key. Nonetheless, we can easily solve this specific problem. In fact we apply special tools to this end.

Therefore we can easily remove the key from the lock. Also, this spares you the necessity of investing in a new door lock. Instead you can benefit from our fixed prices with possible evening- or night surcharges.


Lost your key?


Have you lost your key or has it got stolen? In this case you have come to the right address. Obviously we open each and every door. No matter if this involves a safety lock or a protective fitting. Namely because of our professional equipment, tools and machines! 


Emergency aid after burglary!


Obviously a burglary can cause a lot of damage around the house. Not only if it has been carried out, but also if it has only been attempted. Nevertheless, we remain by your side! Also in the case that the lock and bolt work have been damaged. Indeed for Schlüsselmax there is always a way to solve a problem.


Consequently, thanks to our mobile lockout service in Vienna, we are able to remove all kinds of traces of burglary on the entrance door of your flat or store. Apart from this, we also offer you our consultancy services concerning the latest security technologies.

locksmith in vienna
The locksmith in Vienna

Your locksmith Vienna of unfailing reliability

It should be noted that Schlüsselmax values good client relations. For this reason we always strive for customer satisfaction and services of handshake quality. Indeed, our clients are first priority at Schlüsselmax. Consequently you can reach us on our 24/7 service hotline +43 676 625 76 25, including during weekends and holidays.


In our nature of a professional locksmith Vienna, we are trained in damage-free door openings. Furthermore, it is equally our aim to safe your door lock. For this reason, you can fully put your trust in Schlüsselmax. In fact, while there are many providers of lockout services in Vienna, not all of them can offer our level of service quality. Your locksmith Vienna stands for reliability and excellent services.


Locked out?

Door lock exchange?

Key loss?

Snapped off key?


Fixed price!

Door openings


✔ incl. driving fee
✔ incl. VAT
✔ NO rip-off


Locksmith Vienna


+43 676 625 76 25

A Locksmith service and key service for all 23 districts of Vienna and surrounding area

You have lost your key or locked yourself out? Have you checked under the doormat and amidst the flowers? Nonetheless the key is nowhere to be found? Hence you are in need of a respectable locksmith Vienna. Clearly this isn't the most comfortable of situations.


Especially if you are in a hurry or surrounded by cold and rainy weather. Anyway, these kinds of mishaps could happen to anyone at any time. Clearly there is nothing to be ashamed of and no one is to be blamed. Furthermore you shouldn't worry in such a case. In fact closed or locked doors should never be a big issue for a qualified locksmith Vienna. Consequently you are always on the safe side with Schlüsselmax, your trustworthy lockout service and key service in Vienna.


Moreover, we are always ready for your call, on 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Thus, once you give us a call we can be by your side in no time.


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